International doctorate

Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, which regulates official doctoral studies, as amended by Royal Decree 195/2016, establishes that the mention "International Doctorate" may be included on the front of the doctoral degree.

To obtain this mention, the following requirements established in this Royal Decree and in the regulations for the presentation and defence of the doctoral thesis of the University of Valladolid must be met:

  1. To carry out a stay, during the training period, of at least three months' duration, with the following conditions:
    1. It must be outside Spain in a prestigious higher education institution or research centre.
    2. The purpose of the stay may be to study or carry out research work.
    3. The stay and the activities must be endorsed by the thesis supervisor and authorised by the academic committee of the doctoral programme.
    4. The stay and its activities must be recorded in the student's activities document.
  2. Part of the doctoral thesis (at least the summary and conclusions) must be written and presented in one of the usual languages for scientific communication in their field of knowledge. If the stay has taken place in a Spanish-speaking country, this rule does not apply.
  3. The thesis must be reported by two experts who do not belong to Spanish higher education institutions and who do not belong to the institution where the stay was carried out.
  4. There must be at least one expert from a non-Spanish higher education institution on the examining board of the thesis. However, the tutor responsible for the stay in the foreign institution cannot be part of the panel.

International doctoral thesis co-supervision