Supervision commitment

Once a PhD student has formalized the first registration for academic supervision in the PhD programme and the tutor and thesis supervisor have been assigned, a supervision agreement must be signed.

What it is.

The Supervision Commitment is a document that includes a procedure for dealing with conflicts. It covers aspects related to intellectual or industrial property rights that may arise in relation to the doctoral thesis and it includes a clause in which the signatories undertake to familiarise themselves with and comply with the regulations governing doctoral studies and to respect the rights and duties of the doctoral students, tutors and thesis supervisors, as set out in the “Regulations of the Doctoral School of the UVa, as well as in the Code of good practice in research and in the Guide to good practice for the tutoring of doctoral students and the direction of doctoral theses".

Who signs.

The parties who sign the document are: the doctoral student, the supervisor of the doctoral thesis, the tutor and the coordinator of the doctoral programme.

When it is signed.

Once initial academic supervision enrolment in the PhD programme has been formalized and the thesis supervisor has been assigned.

Should a new thesis supervisor or tutor for the doctoral student be appointed, it will be necessary to re-sign a new supervision agreement.


A few days after the first enrolment in the doctoral programme, or a few days after the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme notify a change of thesis supervisor or tutor, the signing of this document will be managed through the UVa Portafirmas as follows:

  1. The doctoral student will receive an invitation in their institutional e-mail to sign the document electronically in the UVa Portafirmas. They will only have to click on the link and sign. In order to sign, the doctoral student will first need to activate the institutional e-mail (, have an electronic signature and have installed the Autofirma application.
  2. The thesis supervisor will then receive notification from the signature holder to sign the same document.
  3. The tutor will later receive notification.
  4. Finally, the Doctoral Programme Coordinator will sign in the Portafirmas.

When the process has concluded, a new tab will be available in the doctoral tracking application, called “documentation”, where the signed document can be seen. In this section, there may be two or more documents if there has been a change of thesis supervisor and/or tutor.

Important: this document must be signed by all parties within three months of formal registration.

Special procedure if an electronic signature is not possible.

The handwritten signature of all the parties involved may only be used for signing the document commitment when the doctoral student and thesis supervisor do not have a DNI or NIE and –consequently– cannot obtain an electronic signature.

Handwritten signatures and electronic signatures cannot be mixed in the same document, since the document would then lack validity.

Once the document has been handwritten and signed by all the parties involved, it must be presented at the Registry Office of any public organization (including the University, City Councils, Embassies, etc.) and addressed to the Doctoral School of the University of Valladolid.

The DIR3 code of the Doctoral School of the University of Valladolid is U01900041. The postal address of the Doctoral School is: Casa del Estudiante- Calle Real de Burgos s/n, 47011 - Valladolid (Valladolid).

The documents will thus reach the EsDUVA through GEISER and will have been digitized in a certified manner, such that authentic electronic copies that can be included in the electronic file will be available to the EsDuva.

N.B.: it is not possible to send the supervision commitment by e-mail or any other procedure.

Link to the document.

Supervision commitment document (under construction)

Doctoral thesis supervision commitment (under construction)