Application for a PhD degree

Extraordinary procedure for applying for a Doctorate Degree as a consequence of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19

From the day after the scrutiny session of the votes cast by the doctoral thesis tribunal for the awarding of the "cum laude" mention, the new Doctor can apply for the title that accredits him/her.

  1. He/she should contact the Doctoral School at indicating his/her intention to apply for the doctoral degree and the chosen method of awarding it.
  2. The School for Doctoral Studies will send the application for the degree, generated from the SIGMA application, together with the corresponding payment for the issuing of the degree and, if applicable, the payment of the delivery fee.
  3. Once the academic and personal details of the application have been checked and the fee for issuing and, if applicable, the fee for sending the degree has been paid, you must access the la E-Office  with your username and password, "Application Registration" procedure.

Address the application to the Doctoral School of the University of Valladolid and attach the following documentation:

  • Application for the degree
  • Proof of payment (copy of the stamped promissory note).
  • Passport, in the case of foreigners

Once the procedure has been completed, a supplementary certificate will be issued, provisionally until the degree has been issued.