Transversal Training Activities

The Doctoral School of the University of Valladolid organises a series of non-compulsory training activities, structured through modules:

Module 1. Ethics and good practices in research
Module 2. Research management
Module 3. Writing and communication in the scientific field
Module 4. Open Science. Bibliography and bibliometrics
Module 5. Research methods and techniques
Module 6. Professional career and researcher’s personal development

In order to cater for the different circumstances of doctoral students (employed at the University, professionals in different fields, Spaniards, foreigners, part-time or full-time students), activities are offered at different levels of attendance. Depending on the contents and methodological conditions, some of them are face-to-face, others are virtual, and in some cases, they may be broadcast live or recorded, in an attempt to reach the greatest number of doctoral students.

Their administrative management - pre-registration and enrolment - is carried out through the   Doctoral Programme's Academic. Management application.

Calendar and content of activities


Pre-registration, enrolment deadlines and procedure

  • Pre-registration periods:
    • for the activities carried out in the FIRST QUARTER the deadline will be from 6 to 11 November.
    • For the activities carried out in the SECOND QUARTER, the deadline will be from 12 to 16 February.
  • Admission decisions:
    • for activities carried out in the FIRST QUARTER: from November 16.
    • for the activities carried out in the SECOND QUARTER: from February 22.
  • Enrolment deadline: depends on the starting date of each activity. It is indicated in the description of the activities on offer.
  • Maximum number of activities: PhD students may only apply for a maximum of five activities in each term (those marked as TRANSVERSAL).
  • Admission criteria: The admission criteria  will only be applicable when the number of applications exceeds the number of places offered.
  • For pre-enrolment and enrolment, it is recommended to use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

 Manual for Pre-enrolment and Self-enrolment in Transversal Training Activities EsDUVa

Offer of activities