Industrial doctorate

This mention will be obtained upon completion of doctoral studies in collaboration with the social and economic network in order to promote the collaboration, transfer and exchange of knowledge between academia and the social and economic environment, either in the public or private sphere.

In order to obtain the industrial mention, the following REQUIREMENTS must be met, as established in Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, regulating official doctoral studies, modified by Royal Decree 576/2023, of July 4, as well as in the rules governing doctoral studies at the University of Valladolid:

  1. The thesis must develop a research project of industrial, commercial, social or cultural interest either in an entity, public or private company, or in a public administration. Universities, public research organisations (either national or regional) and university hospitals are excluded. Exceptionally, this mention may be achieved in any of these latter institutions, except for universities, provided that the thesis offers eminently applied content.
  2. The doctoral student will draft a scientific-technical report of the project that will reflect the direct link between the doctoral thesis and the research project carried out at the entity or company, and which will be incorporated into the doctoral activities document. It will also be approved and the academic committee of the doctoral programme will issue a report thereon.
  3. A collaboration agreement must be signed between the parties (the University of Valladolid and the corresponding entity, company or public administration), accompanied by an annex of specific clauses, for the academic preparation of the doctoral thesis, which will establish at least the obligations of the different parties involved and the industrial property rights which may derive.
  4. The doctoral student must have been hired for at least one year by the entity, company or public administration in which the research project is being undertaken. A substantial part of the thesis must also be conducted at said entity, company, or public administration.

The doctoral student will have a thesis tutor appointed by the academic committee of the doctoral programme in which they enrolled, and a person in charge appointed by the company or public administration who may, if applicable, also be a thesis supervisor, in accordance with the rules of the Doctoral School of the University of Valladolid.

In no case shall the person in charge designated by the company or entity take part in the thesis examination board.

Procedure for obtaining the Industrial Doctorate mention