Research plan

Once enrolled in a programme, the PhD student, with the collaboration of his/her thesis supervisor(s), must draw up a research plan (PlanInv), which will contain at least a provisional title, the methodology and objectives to be achieved, the means and time schedule.

This research plan must be reviewed annually, during the period of permanence in the programme.

It will be submitted through the SIGMA Doctorate application.

The tutor and thesis supervisor(s) must report annually on the research plan; and the Academic Committee must evaluate and report on it. All this is also done through the corresponding document platform.

SIGMA-monitoring guide for doctoral students (pdf)

Annual evaluation

Every academic year, the academic committees evaluate the training achieved and the progress made in the preparation of the doctoral thesis.

To do this, the doctoral student will have included in their Activities Document the activities carried out and reviewed their research plan annually through the Sigma Doctoral application.

It should be borne in mind that each doctoral programme may also establish other complementary forms of presentation of the research plan.