Annual research and evaluation plan

The research/training plan is a document which the doctoral student prepares, supported by the thesis supervisor and the tutor. It consists of two sections with the following content:

  • The research plan will include at least the methodology to be used and the objectives to be achieved, as well as the means and timeframe to achieve them.
  • The doctoral student’s personal training plan will contain a plan of the different training activities to be undertaken during the doctoral thesis (courses, seminars, participation in conferences, mobility activities, etc.)

Annual evaluation

Each academic year, the academic committees of the doctoral programmes will evaluate each PhD student’s progress. For this purpose, they will take into account:

  • The research and training plan of the academic year
  • The doctoral activities document, which will contain the activities completed by the student and validated by the tutor or supervisor
  • The reports issued by the supervisor and the tutor in this regard

The evaluation deadline is established by the academic calendar of each academic year. As a general rule, evaluation reports are usually closed in mid-September.