Procedure for the submission and defense of the thesis

The thesis admission process consists of two phases:

  1. Application for the deposit and formalities before the Academic Commission of the Doctoral Program.
  2. Deposit of the thesis and formalities before the Thesis Committee of the EsDUVa.

These processes will be carried out through the Sigma platform (see Online thesis deposit).

General outline of the doctoral program and the process of depositing the doctoral thesis.

Infographic of the thesis deposit and defense procedure.

For more information see:

Procedures before the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program

Procedures before the EsDUVa Doctoral Thesis Committee

Defence of the thesis

Once the thesis has been admitted for defence and the proposal has been made to the rector of the examining board, the president may call for the defence of the doctoral thesis.
It is necessary to take into account the deadlines that must elapse between admission and the defence.