If the admission decision is favourable, enrolment will be authorised, and must be completed within the deadlines established in the academic calendar. If the student does not enrol within the aforementioned period, they will be deemed to have withdrawn.

Of all the places offered by each doctoral programme, at least 5% will be reserved for students with a recognised degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, as well as for students with permanent special educational needs associated with personal circumstances of disability, who in their previous studies have required resources and support for their full educational integration.

Enrolment will be subject to the fulfilment and verification of the academic requirements and to payment of the corresponding fees.

Enrolment for first-year students

Deadlines for enrolment

You can see the academic calendar here.

How to enrol

Submission of documents once enrolment is completed

  • At the end of the enrolment process, you will receive a document called Orden de domiciliación mandato de pago SEPA(only if you have set up a direct debit). The bank account holder must sign it and send it to this e-mail address: acceso.doctorado@uva.es
  • Documents you need to submit and how to do it, depending on how you access doctoral studies:

UVa password and institutional email

Once the registration is formalised for the first time, a University of Valladolid password will be generated, which you will use to access all the services offered by the university, as well as an institutional email address. You will be able to retrieve your password in the option Obtain/Recover Password. You can check the email account in the option Check Personal Data in the Identity Menu.

Enrolment for students who are continuing their doctoral studies

Public fees, reductions and exemptions

The public fees, reductions and exemptions for courses leading to university degrees in public universities in the region of Castilla y León are set annually by Decree of the Regional Government of Castilla y León (Junta de Castilla y León).

Types of payment

For payment of your annual tuition fees, you can choose between two payment methods in the self-enrolment process.

Payment can only be made in instalments if you have to enrol for additional courses and you choose the direct debit option.

Only if you live abroad will you be able to pay the registration fee by international  bank transfer. The following information must be included in the bank transfer:


IBAN: ES10 0049 5450 0526 1608 6046


It is essential that you clearly specify your name and surname in the concept of the transfer.

The transfer must be made within the period indicated on the credit note, in euros. The amount received in the account must be exact, so you must bear in mind that any charges shall be borne by the sender. Once the transfer has been made, a copy should be sent by e-mail to this address: negociado.escuela.doctorado@uva.es

Cancellation of enrolment

Cancellation of enrolment entails cessation of the academic effects of enrolment and, therefore, leads to the loss of evaluation rights. However, the obligation to pay the public fees remains, except in cases where these are to be refunded.

In accordance with the University of Valladolid’s rules governing enrolment and the refund of public fees, cancellation of enrolment may be made either at the student’s own request or by the university.