Registration for first year students

We would like to welcome you to the Doctoral School of the University of Valladolid.

In the Administrative Secretariat we are at your disposal to help you with any formalities you may need, you can contact us at:

Annual renewal of registration

Each academic year, doctoral students must renew their enrolment in their doctoral programme, within the established period and including the year in which they plan to deposit their thesis. Failure to do so implies withdrawal from the programme, and therefore the loss of your place.

To do so, you must formalise your self-enrolment here, within the established deadline. Check the enrolment deadline in the academic calendar.

Self-registration for the doctoral thesis examination

After following the procedures for the online deposit of the doctoral thesis and when the defence of the thesis has been authorised by the Doctoral Thesis Committee, you must self-register for the doctoral thesis exam.

Fees and prices

Cancellation of enrolment

The cancellation of enrolment entails the cessation of the academic effects of the enrolment with the consequent loss of the assessment rights, but maintaining the obligation to pay the public fees, unless they are refunded.

Registration can be cancelled either at the student's own request or at the request of the University.

  • Cancellation of enrolment at the student's request:

This must be requested within one month of the day following the end of the corresponding enrolment period in which they have enrolled, or from the date of enrolment if this is later, and they will be entitled to a refund of the tuition fees, if they have already paid them.

  • Cancellation by the University:

The official cancellation of the registration will be carried out:

    1. For non-payment of the registration fee (total or partial), within the established deadlines.
    2. Failure to comply with the access requirements, or failure to provide the compulsory documents required to formalise the enrolment within the corresponding deadline.

The cancellation request will be submitted through the procedure of Cancellation/Modification of enrolment in the E-Office.

Request for refund of public fees

You must fill in the application form for the refund of public fees and attach the bank certificate of ownership, in the case of a foreign account the SWIFT code must be included, and send both documents to the Administrative Secretary of the Doctoral School through the Electronic Register at the E-Office.

Application form for the refund of public fees