Doctoral Activities Document (DAD)

Once enrolment has been completed and the Thesis Supervision Commitment has been signed, which includes the commitment to comply with the Doctoral School’s Code of Good Practice, a personalised doctoral activities document (DAD) will be opened for each PhD student.

Said doctoral activities document is an individualised record of control which comprises the training activities completed by the doctoral student. In particular, all training activities planned in the Personal Training Plan will be recorded.

Types of training activities

  • Transversal training activities: they are organised by the Doctoral School and are offered on an annual basis, divided into two four-month periods. More information is available at “Transversal training activities”
  • Specific training activities: they depend on and are organised by each doctoral programme, and are set out in the “VERIFICA” report. More information can be found in the website of each doctoral programme.
  • Other training activities: they are proposed or recommended by the supervisor, tutor, or by the academic committee. They are considered to be of interest for the doctoral student’s training.

Deadline for submission and procedure

The activities are recorded in the doctoral activities document through Catalogue for academic transactions-Doctorate in “Doctoral Management”.

All of the training activities completed by the student must be recorded as soon as possible and, if applicable, the corresponding certificate of completion should be included.

It is very important to record the activities correctly, since they are a part of each student’s academic record.

The utmost care must be taken when recording the activities related to the International Doctorate mention, the Industrial Doctorate mention, or the Doctorate under international thesis co-supervision.

Transversal training activities need not be recorded, since these are recorded automatically once the activity has been positively evaluated by their corresponding lecturers. These activities are automatically validated.

Guide available for queries: SIGMA guide for doctoral students (PDF)


  • The doctoral activities document is regularly reviewed by the tutor and/or supervisor, who validate these activities.
  • It is very important for all the activities to be validated by the tutor and/or supervisor before the academic committee makes its evaluation.
  • The doctoral activities document is supervised annually by the academic committee and is taken into account for the annual evaluation of the student.
  • The activities document –together with the training activities completed by the doctoral student– will be available to the thesis examination board. The activities document will not lead to a quantitative score but will constitute a qualitative evaluation instrument that will complement the evaluation of the doctoral thesis.

Explanatory video about how to enter activities in the PhD student’s activities document (DAD).